Thursday, January 05, 2006

Want to contribute?

The Anahata team welcomes like-minded individuals interested in sharing their values, ideas and opinions on music (any form). Please leave a comment here if interested.

It is the responsibility of the contributors for the authenticity of the articles. Appropriate references can be quoted. and links to books, sites, music pieces, etc. are most welcome.


The blog aims to generate an awareness among the reader about the various beautiful things that thankfully continue to exist today. It will mostly touch upon the aesthetic and emotive aspects of music, rather than the technical aspects itself. All kinds of music will be given a fair treatment out here. Be it the two forms of Indian Classical Music - Hindustani and Carnatic; Indian Folk music, Western Classical Music - renaissance, baroque, romantic, impressionist, etc., Jazz - smooth jazz, those early days, bebop era, cold era, etc., Rock and Roll, Contemporary Music, Film soundtracks, Celtic music, Arabic music, Latin music, African music, Oriental music, etc.


Soumik said...

i am a lover of music. i listen to all sorts of music - starting form roots blues to thumris, and renaissance polyphony to south african a-cappella. i also sing, play the guitar and keyboards; truth to say, used to. anyway i'd like to contribute if i may.

MadHat said...

though i dont know much about the technical aspects of music, I would love to contribute to this blog...

Sheer melody said...

Ok how does one contribue?

Rangakrishnan Srinivasan said...

madhat and sheer melody: I need your email addresses to add you two as contributors.

Misanthrope said...

i'd like to contribute. i love north indian classical music and i'd be interested in discussions/comparisons of musicians and their music.

MadHat said...

sorry for the extremely late response. Kind of lost track :)
Anyway, my email id is dastheleper [at] gmail

Tim Bombadol said...


Sorry for being a Late Lateef. I would like to contribute.

I am trained in Carnatic percussion. I play the western drums (rock, metal), and the guitar (classical finger-picking). While I am a believer in technique, it is the spirit of music that never ceases to amaze me.

When and how can I start?

Tom Bombadil

Tim Bombadol said...

Ah, I guess I forgot to mention my email address, hence the delay.

Tim Bombadol