Monday, January 02, 2006


From the Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya archives, posted on March 07, 2005

Expectations run real high when it comes to others. When somethings are so obviously beautiful and wonderful for me, it might not be so for others. This is a rather painful realization and it hurts. This author is dangerously crazy of books. And he has a few good friends who do not read at all. Then there are some who are crazy of solving crosswords, and I happen to be not so crazy of them.I take it as a pleasurable activity, but am not crazy of them. So, they must be having similar feelings about me.

When it comes to others, people indeed do have the sensibility to appreciate something from the bounties that the world has to offer. No one can be that insane or heartless. There is definitely a passion for something in everyone. It so happens that some people keep those passions at bay rather than surrendering to them. (Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho).

Coming back to the original thread of sensibilities, why do not people react to those things that are obviously beautiful and wonderful? I categorise people into two broad categories.

(a) the intolerant - they do not try it out. They are happy with what they like, or rather they like what they know. It is not prudent to work with such kind of people. We need to be tolerant towards such intolerant people. Period.

(b) the tolerant - well, these are the people who are willing to try it out, but are "unable" to appreciate them. For e.g. it would be illogical to expect a person "inclined" towards western classical to appreciate one of the symphonies of Beethoven in its truest sense or appreciate counterpoint in one of the concertos of Bach almost immediately. Sensibilities need to be cultured and developed the hard way. It is a long long process that can prove to be demotivating many a time. This author is more concerned with such people, for he thinks he is also one of them. These people need to be encouraged and helped in their journey.

The most important realization is that every body has that innate sense for sensibility to something wonderful. It is just that everyone is uniquely different and naturally their sensibilities different. It is simply not justifiable to have that air of superiority or inferiority.

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