Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Anahata Paradigm...

Paradigm #1

Anahata - literally means unstruck sound. Life, the whole of existence, is made of subtle vibrations of sound. There is only music - that music is Anahata, and to experience it is to know what bliss is.The highest form of spiritual salvation through music is by Anahata. It is a mere illusory concept for the layman.

Paradigm #2

This community blog aims to bring out the unstruck sound in each one of us. The most natural thing for a person is to sing and dance. However, societal pressures, peer pressures, self-criticisms on one's own faculty, lack of musical learning, etc. see a person unable to strike the right note or sound. This blog is meant to be a journey - a musical pilgrimage wherein we all move from varying shades of ignorance to lesser shades. Knowledge of music is a vast grey area; and perfection will be a mere myth and illusion.

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Hariprasad said...

Excellent initiative. All the best to you.