Monday, February 19, 2007


...Jayateerth Mevundi, a very young and very talented artist from the Kirana Gharana. Advay, my friend from the University of Pittsburgh introduced me to his Shuddh Saarang and it was incredibly promising. One gets reminded of Pt. Bhimsen's 75th birth anniversary recordings released by Music Today about 10 years back. Jayateerth's fast tans, especially the parts in the Tara Saptaka bears the Kirana signature. The sur-pradhan and simplistic approach again embodies the ghar's tradition. Here is an exquisite sample of a 6 minute Kedar. Interestingly, he hails from Dharwad from where come few of the greatest artists of the last century.


Gitanjali said...

Excellent recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed his recital. I look forward to more (frequent) posts from you.

DD said...

you are welcome, we will try to be more frequent.