Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yours or Mine....

Does it make sense to be strictly partisan about the form of music you have come to embrace. Is it possible to appreciate music of all kinds, when your cruel mind, is telling your willing heart, that, "Come on. You cannot possibly like "this". Compared to "that", "this" is nothing great." So, how can one become truly secular in music appreciation. Unfortunately, music does happen to have religious and geographical dilineations. But, isn't the music truly for everyone and fundamentally based on the seven notes?

I have seen cats respond to Hindustani classical music in real life. In the words of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, with Bhimpalasri (or Bhimpalasi), "you can make the animals cry with this rag." It is set for the late afternoon, and evokes "devotion, pathos, joy." What could best describe the effect of sound on the soul of a living being? With the true universal nature of music, does it make sense to claim some form as mine and not yours.

PS: This post was inspired by this site that I happened to come across recently. Kindly note the play of words in the definitions.


DD said...

what's pakistani classical music?

expiring_frog said...

Apart from that slight termnology problem, it's a remarkably thorough effort, though.